“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Do I have to be in shape to get started?

Everyone is at different points in their journey to being a better version of themselves. No matter what shape you are in, we are confident that with determined consistency you will become the best version of yourself. You’ll find that our small, catered classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition.

Can I come and watch a class?

Yes! You are welcomed to come and observe a class. The best way to see if a class is for you is to participate in it. Therefore, we recommend that you take a leap of faith and try out a class, completely free. We recommend that you wear long pants, a t-shirt, and running shoes. We will ensure that you stay within your comfort level.

Am I too old to start martial arts training?

No. Kung Fu is a way of life and it is applicable to all individuals. At different ages you will find different challenges and reasons to study it. It enhances the body, spirit, and mind helping you achieve a better version of yourself.

Which class should I choose? Shuai Jiao or Praying Mantis?

We recommend that you participate or watch both classes. They are both excellent in developing physical and mental strength. Shuai Jiao is Chinese Wrestling, so it teaches grappling- and joint seizing techniques. The Praying Mantis class will concentrate on open hand – and weapons’ forms (katas) as well as joint seizing techniques. We have a few practitioners who participate in both programs as the training times do not overlap.